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10 Things We Expect To See In Alexa Chung’s New Collection

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Following the news that Alexa Chung is launching her own fashion brand next year, we haven’t stopped thinking about all of Chung’s clothes we want to own. 

The fashion model has announced that the collection will feature denim, daywear, evening wear, shoes and jewellery, but here are the pieces we really hope make the transition from her wardrobe to ours. 

1. Dungarees 

 2. Metallic Dresses

3. Victoriana Blouses

4. Band Knitwear (And Logo T-Shirts)

5. A Jazzy Suit

 6. MiuMiu Collars

 7. Plenty Of Velvet

 8. Pyjamas As Daywear

 9. Gingham Everything

10. Flower Corsage 


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